1 smooth circular knitting machine and it's products.. Humans only are in a spiraling historical cycle, that is also human DNA. In 300 years, a new era has take place. From the British invention involving crochet knitting sock knitting machines over 400 typical to the now commonly used tongue needles which were invented 150 years ago, crochet machines have gone from guide book to automatic, high speed, digital, and intelligent development. The current 3D IMAGES printer can only print a number simple plastic models, but considering the advancement of material technology, the near future will use a scroll involving different materials of silk, lead printing houses, batteries, solar energy, quantum chips, screens, etc. It is all about weaving, stacking, and creating our own lives in one circle of thread, forming several social forms.Such Terminator robots now take over a preliminary version, which is a 3D printer.
Xiao Bian has collected and updated a few of the latest developments in knitting weft knitting new technology and products, including forming and weaving processes for flat knitting machines and round knitting machines, three-dimensional spacer textile weaving techniques, and ultra-fine stitching techniques, involving weft knitting equipment, fabric structures, The latest products and applications might be shared in phases. This can be a breakthrough. The brand-new era has come again, after which you can a station has been designed.
Coincidentally, this type of 3D printer manual has an unclear relationship with all the textile machine of the calendar year. The world went 300 years. The new "textile machine" tells us to purchase home!
Humans are not succeeded and extinct by robots. The a better standard of automation, intelligence, and digitization of knitting equipment continues to raise, and the prospects for diversification, functionalization, and marketization of knitted products are usually growing. People gradually take home textile machines far from each household and upgrade these individuals into large factories

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