Balanced with the best-selling, the overall sales of Warp Crochet Machines began to decline on the second half of the season. Xu Ping, general manager connected with Changde Textile Machinery Co.

Three fabrics produced over a 218-inch machine can produce four over a new 280-inch machine. In the conventional high-speed warp knitting unit, the fabric is taken up that has a standard No..

As an example, this high-performance Tricot warp knitting machine comes standard having a 3 x 32" warp hug you holder.,told reporters that from a year ago to the first half of the year, warp knitting machines have been hot for some time, but production has declined while in the second half of the 12 months. In the production of transparent fabrics, you can also elect to install a set of underside device installed under the material.

As well as the above new features, HKS 3-M boasts all the usual advantages. Pull mechanism drive. In addition, customers could also choose according to their needs matching 40" pan head GB1 meridian holder and suitable for 32" pan head GB2 & GB3 Prism Spots:

Like the 186-inch and 218-inch products, the 280-inch HKS 3-M has two E28 and E32 configurations; it features the new KAMCOS TWO control system, LEO low-power technological innovation, and photography Stop the method. This coiling device uses frictional coiling and consists of fabrics. 51A coiling machine. 6 coiling unit; spacer wire manufacturers the new model is pre-loaded with a new No. The 280-inch HKS 3-M can run stably with the maximum speed of 2200 rpm

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