Changle Hengshen Manufactured Fiber Technology Co. Zheng Chunhua, normal manager of Fujian Xinhong Sheet Machinery Company, said that a year ago, Xinkang sold more than 400 warp knitting machines, which had doubled from your previous year; it is likely to reach 600 this year. reached a joint venture to build a high-speed warp crochet machine R & D plus production base cooperation intentions.

One example is, warp-knitted equipment manufacturing companies from the Jiangsu region quickly developed into above 60 warp-knitting machines that started through the “Spark Program” in a several short years.,Ltd.

At the similar time, at the 17th CIFIT concluded within the 11th, Karl Meyer (China) Co. With the commissioning of the third-phase plant, the production capacity from the company's warp knitting machine will double around the existing basis, reaching an annual production capacity of about THREE OR MORE, 000 units..

Now it can warp knitting machine be said that they already contain the strength to “kick the original”. The trend continues. The existing plant is obviously not adequate, so Xin Hong launched the 3rd phase of the expansion project. This really is both a welcome and exciting scene for any industry, but also foreshadows the long run overcapacity.

Weaving device assembly and testing.,Ltd. Since warp knitting products can be applied to many fields for instance energy, construction, automobile, and aerospace, warp knitting production enterprises and also warp knitting equipment production businesses have experienced a rapid development process lately, and this production capacity includes increased

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